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Lifeline Communications has wide-range of experience in developing portable, robust, scalable and secure applications based on Java/J2EE and related technologies. We have a competent team of Sun Certified Java Programmers. Our core competencies in Java development are:

Product Co-Development – We have wide experience of working with small startup and large multinational companies to co-develop an out of the box solution. We work as a parallel development team along with the clients’ architectural and development teams. We have delivered products based on Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and RPC based architectures.

Custom Solutions – Over the years, we have developed a large clientele that engage our teams in delivering custom solutions based on their needs. This process involves a great deal of expertise on Lifeline Communication’s part on a broad range of domains such as Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceuticals, and e-Business, Healthcare, Education, Terminology Management, and Data Warehousing etc. We have delivered some of the most innovative next generation e-Business applications, Web Portals, Business Process Automation Solutions in Java /J2EE.

Business Integration – We help our clients to integrate their existing products/solutions with their partner companies’ products. We understand the business needs and provide a flexible solution for integrating their business lines

Core Technologies
We have expertise in the entire spectrum of Java Technologies which includes Desktop, Enterprise, Embedded and Card technologies. Our extensive experience in some of the cutting-edge Java development technologies allows us to build best of breed solutions for our clients. We have delivered a number of real-time mission critical Enterprise applications which involves developing a robust, reliable, secure, scalable and adaptable system architect using design methodologies such as SOA, Web 2.0, Event-driven architecture, RPC, AJAX, N-tier architecture etc. Following is a brief summary of our expertise.

Presentation Technologies
JSP, Servlets – The most basic of web-technologies such as JSP, Servlets form the core in many of our projects.
Web Frameworks – We have expertise in applying many of the proven and latest web frameworks such as Struts, Tiles, Stripes, Tapestry, and JSF etc. to various solutions/products being developed by us. Apart from these, portal frameworks like Portal and LifeRay have been used in developing applications.
AJAX Frameworks – We have delivered projects based on cutting-edge AJAX frameworks such as GWT, GWT-EXT, DWR, Dojo, Yahoo UI, jQuery, jMaki etc. These frameworks help deliver sleek UIs that enhance the user experience.

Middle-Tier Technologies
EJB – We have developed a vast number of applications that use different types of Enterprise Java Beans viz. Session Beans, Entity Beans and Message Driven Beans. The EJB usage allows applications to be deployed in a distributed environment.
Web Services – We have used Web Services very successfully to provide sleek integration interfaces in many assignments for our clients. The Web Service middle tier technology has enabled us to make, various technically distinct software to communicate with each other. For some of our ISV projects we have created product APIs using Web Services that allows the product to be integrated with external applications.
Spring Framework – We have used many features offered by Spring Framework in many of our applications. For example, Inversion of Control (IoC) feature is one of the most widely used for loose-coupling of modules within an application.
ORM Frameworks – We have a lot of experience in delivering projects using ORM framework for data access. We have used Hibernate and TopLink extensively in our projects among others.
Communication Technologies – Most of the Java-based projects use various middle-layer communication mechanisms like Java Message Service (JMS), XML-RPC etc.

Data Technologies
Databases – We have expertise on almost all the major databases like Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, Postgres etc. We have delivered high-performing applications involving large amount of data and reporting capabilities.
XML-DB – Some of our projects involve large amount of XML-data storage and retrieval. For this, we have used the capabilities of Oracle XML-DB.
JDBC – JDBC, being one of the most basic data access technologies, forms one of the standard approaches to access the database in many of our projects. We have delivered complex database applications which use JDBC extensively.

Enterprise Technologies
We have experience in building software which can leverage existing and new enterprise building blocks in an organization.
Workflow and Business Process Automation – In a number of java development projects, we have used either custom made workflow engines or industry standard commercial and open source reporting tools such as WebLogic WLI, JBoss jBPM, OSWorkflow, Lombardi Business Process Management Suite etc.
Reporting Frameworks – We have experience working with a number of reporting frameworks such as JFreeReport, BIRT, JFreeChart etc.
Clustering & Load Balancing– The most preferment Enterprise applications require clustering and load-balancing capabilities. We have experience deploying large Enterprise applications in a distributed environment using wide range of load balancing and clustering tools. We have setup Oracle RAC systems that allows multiple computers to run the Oracle RDBMS software simultaneously while accessing a single database, thus providing a clustered database. Similarly, we have used Apache Web-server among others to perform load-balancing.
Data Security – We have wide range of experience in securing static data as well as data in transit. This is achieved by applying various encryption, key-management and certification methodologies.